Newf Tracks

Newf Tracks

Newf Tracks is the quarterly newsletter of the Old West Newfoundland Club, an organization established to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the newfoundland and to encourage sportmanship behavior, while promoting dogs shows, obedience trials, water tests and draft tests, and providing continuing education about the newfoundland.

Newf Tracks is sent to each member at no additional charge . In Newf Tracks is information on upcoming and held events, stories on newfoundland health, newfoundland stories and information to keep up with what's going on with OWNC. The articles that appear in Newf Tracks do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Editor, or the OWNC. Articles of a medical nature reflect the opinion of the author and do not constitute an endorsement by OWNC or the NCA. Articles and letters to the Editors are most welcome.

Newf Tracks, December 2017

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Editor:  Patty Taylor