The Old West Newfoundland Club Rescue Corporation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. OWNCR sponsors a rescue effort to save newfoundlands that otherwise may be turned out on the street or face euthanasia in shelters. OWNCR has been highly successful finding good homes for those newfoundlands in need.

Finding good homes and responsible owners for lost and abandoned newfoundlands is only part of our group's efforts. In addition, OWNCR provides information, training tips and advice to owners who may need to solve problems with their newfoundlands in order to help find alternatives to surrendering their pets. OWNCR also helps reunite owners with lost newfoundlands by monitoring newspaper ads and shelter facilities.

Adoption process:

The objective of our organization is to insure that a rescue is placed in the best home environment possible for the individual dog and that it is never abandoned or given away again. In order to increase the chances of a permanent home, rescues are placed according to best match; not first come first serve. Prospective owners should consider that rescued Newfoundlands may have developed temperament problems and/or may need extensive rehabilitation. Our perspective is always what is believed best for that specific dog. There is a minimum adoption fee of $350.00 which is used to defray medical and rehabilitation costs such as neutering, spaying, vaccinations, heartworm treatment, etc...

Once an adoption application is received and a match is considered, a visit with the prospective owner and the rescue is scheduled. A pre-adoption home visit is then made by a Rescue member(s) or OWNCR member(s) for further recommendations to the Rescue Committee which makes the final decision. If we have a match for you and you are selected to be owned by one of our rescued newfs we wish you all the best that a Newfoundland can offer.

OWNCR Rescue Photos:  http://owncrescue.smugmug.com

Online Web Rescue Applicaton:


If you do not live in the state of Texas and would like to adopt a Newfoundland, click here to go to the Newfoundland Club of America's website - Regional Clubs and contact the Regional Club for your area.

For more information about rescue, please send an email to owncresq@ownc.org or go to Contact Rescue, fill out form and submit.